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If you want to be the best in an industry, then it’s best to learn from the leaders of that industry. The team at KORE comes directly from the leaders of TRAVELSAVERS, with a deep heritage of success in the travel industry. Established in 1970, TRAVELSAVERS is a leading travel marketing organization.


With a global reputation for excellence, TRAVELSAVERS advances the trade through industry-leading service, dedicated sales support, infrastructure, proprietary technology, networking opportunities, longstanding supplier partnerships and award-winning marketing. With more than 25,000 top-performing advisors generating CAD $27 billion in revenue, TRAVELSAVERS empowers agencies with a competitive advantage that helps them achieve greater success financially, professionally and personally.

TRAVELSAVERS works on behalf of its agencies and advisors around the clock, consistently driving new and repeat customers to them, while simultaneously moving market share towards our preferred partners for mutual benefit. By showing suppliers how we grow their sales, we add value to our affiliated agencies by enabling the highest commission levels and most lucrative marketing opportunities.


TRAVELSAVERS is one of 19 pioneering travel brands under the umbrella of American Marketing Group that continuously evolves to stay ahead of industry developments and challenges.

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