KORE: Your Passport to Travel Agent Success

KORE unites online learning with real-world experiences that provide a high-quality travel agent education. KORE’s curriculum covers every aspect of the industry and is rooted in skills unique to travel. By combining a comprehensive curriculum with the power of industry leaders and suppliers, a KORE graduate’s training is second to none.
As a KORE graduate, you’ll have the essential knowledge, insight, foundation and expertise to prosper in the travel industry. You will learn to be both a travel professional and profitable business owner.

As a KORE graduate, you’ll have the essential knowledge, insight, foundation and expertise to prosper in the travel industry.

Programs and Pricing

Benefits for Learners

  • Canadian-specific curriculum: Courses are tailored for the Canadian market, addressing airline regulations, cruise sales and compliance and fraud protection in the country, co-created with in-country experts
  • In-depth learning: KORE is the equivalent of a university-level course: a comprehensive, intensive travel agent education with 16 modules and about 135 hours of study time
  • Self-paced curriculum: Students complete the curriculum on their own timeline from any location courtesy of the fully digital platform, which offers the ultimate flexibility for busy lives
  • Modern topics: The curriculum provides expertise on the most relevant subjects in today’s industry. It includes topics not always covered in travel agent career programs, such as technology tools and social media marketing. ​
  • Business skills: Graduates will hit the ground running with the ability to research, design and book travel; serve clients; and build a profitable business in this rapidly shifting industry
  • Personal mentors: Students who aren’t already affiliated with an agency will have the opportunity to be paired with an agency owner or manager as a mentor to work with them every step of the way
  • Job placement: Graduates not already affiliated with an agency will be given the chance to work with top travel agencies
  • Certificate of completion: KORE graduates will walk away with a certificate as a sign of their achievement, demonstrating their knowledge and readiness for a travel agent career

Benefits for Agencies

  • Attracting talent: KORE is drawing new entrants to a travel agent career to resolve the critical shortage of advisors while building a strong foundation for the future of our industry
  • Training advisors: KORE solves an important challenge for agencies: it helps them recruit and train new travel advisors to grow their business. This saves agencies time and money while helping them increase sales.
  • Gold-standard program: KORE has partnered with The Travel Institute, the industry’s standard for continuing education excellence. Travel agency owners can have full confidence that KORE graduates are ready to sell travel.


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